We support reforestation and agroforestry projects in Brazil.

Let's plant trees together!


Agroforestry is a highly effective technique for regenerating degraded land and helping communities become more resilient to the effects of climate change.


We fund well-managed environmental programmes with a focus on regenerating land degraded by human activity over centuries. Communities on the front line of the climate crisis are leading this important work.

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Over 90% of the Brazilian Atlantic forest has been lost over the last 300 years, devastating the water cycle, soil health and biodiversity of this precious habitat. This has resulted in widespread flooding, urban water shortages and poor harvests.

RAIN is part of the solution, supporting reforestation and agroforestry programmes led by frontline communities in the battle to regenerate the land.


RAIN is promoting the transition from conventional agriculture to sustainable agroforestry in Brazil. This land management system involves growing crops together with trees and planting diverse species in sync with nature.

Land and waterways can be rapidly regenerated with this technique, allowing insects, birds and animals to thrive alongside humans.

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RAIN is partnering with schools in Brazil to build sapling nurseries capable of producing thousands of trees each year.

Students take lessons in the nurseries and learn to care for the trees, which are replanted in restoration projects around dried up springs and on deforested riverbanks.


With your support we can safeguard earth’s future.

Join us and let’s plant trees!