RAIN empowers schoolchildren to transform their environments and take an active role in safeguarding their futures


Schoolchildren can also be positive agents for change. Where landowners are often fairly conservative and resistant to new ways of doing things, children are usually more open to new ideas.

We have seen that children who learn about hydrology and ecosystem restoration at school are often the best teachers in their own communities, sharing what they learn with their parents and extended families. Those family members who are land-owners become much more open to implementing sustainable land management.

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Our partner schools are provided with beautiful teaching materials designed by specialists in holistic education (including the paintings on this page). Students decide what restoration projects they want to supply with the trees they produce.


RAIN also partners with universities and higher education institutions to study the impact of our work in local communities and to provide evidence of the abundance and regenerative power of syntropic agroforestry.

We are also developing relationships with UK schools, partly to directly sponsor sapling nurseries and agroforestry plots in Brazil, but also to reforest their own communities in mirror projects. With UK students developing relationships with Brazilian schools and young people, the cultural and educational potentials are huge.