How will RAIN use my money?

In a word: Reforestation


We help grass-roots, community-led initiates get off the ground by providing a network that can channel resources into supporting them.

Is RAIN a charity?

No, RAIN is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). That means that every donation we receive, and any other money we make, must be used to carry out the activities specified in the Articles of Association, to:

“benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to provide benefit to rural communities in Brazil…[to] repair damage to ecosystems and waterways…".


RAIN has no shares, and therefore cannot pay dividends.
We pay people who work for us, like a charity does (and considerably less than many charities do!)

By law, CICs must conduct their affairs in such a way that a reasonable person might consider that their activities are being carried on for the benefit of the community. UK legislation also provides that a CIC, which carries on activities that a reasonable person might consider only benefit its own employees, will not satisfy the community interest test.

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