Across Brazil, areas occupied for centuries by indigenous groups have been damaged by fire, logging and ranching.

The Buriti River feeds thirteen traditional villages and 4,500 people of the Terena nation. They are asking for help to reforest around 800 hectares of degraded land in order to protect the river from drying up.




RAIN believes indigenous cultures should be at the forefront of conservation. We are working together with indigenous communities to help reforest degraded land, preserve biodiversity and restore rivers.

  • Empowering communities

  • Restoring dried up rivers

  • Restoring degraded land

  • Creating tree sapling nurseries

  • Bridging the gap between indigenous knowledge and conservation

  • Promote sustainable farming practises using agroforestry

Project Outline

Reforest 36 hectares per year with the Terena

  • Sponsor a workshop at Buriti village to build a “mother” nursery and teach about growing saplings 

  • Representatives from twelve nearby villages attend

  • Each returns to their community to build a “daughter” nursery

  • Two indigenous managers employed to oversee them

working with indigenous villages

  • Traditional links to the land

  • Strong desire to reforest lands recovered from farming

  • Labour and skills on hand

  • Monitoring and care of the trees guaranteed

  • Survival and transmission of traditional botanical knowledge

  • Supporters welcome to visit

This project costs £25,000

Can your business sponsor a percentage of this collaboration with the Terena?

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