the team

Sophie Preece

Education Officer

Sophie is head of the geography department at St. Brendan's 6th form college.

She is developing RAIN activities and resources that integrate with the UK schools curriculum, and facilitating peer-to-peer relationships between schools in Brazil and the UK.

Danny Diskin


Danny is a hypnotherapist interested in the curative powers of nature, in how land recovers when reforested and how forests improve human physical and psychological health.

Having witnessed a beloved stream drying up in Brazil, he is dedicating himself to RAIN and reforestation.

Wender Guedes

Minas Gerais Coordinator

Wender is an agricultural engineer working for Brazil’s national rural learning service SENAR.

He has been implementing projects to revitalise water systems restoring springs in his hometown of Cachoeira do Norte.

Aaron Tanner


Aaron is a water and sanitation consultant working with UNICEF over the past decade.

 He brings to RAIN experience creating strategic partnerships between stakeholders including government agencies, international organisations and local communities. 

Mariana de Albuquerque

Recife Coordinator

Mariana is project coordinator for an experimental agroforestry system at a Recife high school.

With a background in sustainable design and environmental education from the University of Pernambuco, she is steering operations in the northeast of Brazil.

Márcio Luiz

Network Development

Márcio is an entrepreneur, systems architect and software developer working with environmental and socio-economic projects across Brazil.

He is interested in tech to deliver and scale environmental regeneration across distributed networks.

An international team is working together to support community-led reforestation and agroforestry programmes

Bridget Rolfe

Regeneration Expert 

Bridget is a gardener and horticulturalist with a special interest in ecosystem restoration. She is working with RAIN on developing resources for use in UK schools, building nurseries and making connections.

Yara Ghrewati

Web and Media

Yara is a public speaker, bushcraft and survival skills instructor and founder of Wildeye Adventures.

She brings experience in public relations to help build and manage partnerships with schools, businesses and communities in the UK.

Paul Browne


Paul is an expert in media relations and digital communications.

He is passionate about projects that deliver community benefits and organisations reducing our impact on the planet.

Ros Stone

Instagram & Outreach

Ros is a writer and publicist with roots in technical SEO, building virtual links to cultivate connections and plant ideas.

She tends RAIN’s Instagram account (@rainreforest), assists with events and writes and edits online content.

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