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Recife students enjoying their nursery

Our partners in Recife built a geodesic dome nursery with the students of Professor Cândido Duarte school. Check out their video (in Portuguese):

Pé da Vida is an ecological education organisation at the University of Pernambuco, doing sustainable projects with schools and communities in Recife on the Northeastern coast of Brazil.

Much of the native vegetation (called cerrado) of the region has been lost to soya plantations, so the need for education about sustainable land use is critical. The Pe da Vida team is developing a full suite of teaching materials across various subjects. As well as biology and ecology, the students were studying physics and mathematics as they rigged up the automatic irrigation.

The project was made possible with a donation from Breaking Convention - an academic conference at the cutting edge of psychedelic medicine at Greenwich University. It was featured in the CASA Cidades blog about sustainable cities (English auto-translate here).

As funds become available we will be replicating this pilot project in as many schools as possible in the Northeast and other parts of Brazil.

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