Start small, think big and move fast

RAIN emerged from a cloud of activists and professionals to make regeneration happen on the ground in the form of trees. We crowdsource solutions to desertification and poverty directly from communities on the frontline with local knowledge.

RAIN links rural people into a distributed network of finance and intelligence that can deliver significant impacts. We meet in London, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais and dream better futures.


In 2008, you could swim in the tributaries of the Aracuai river in the Valley of Jequitinonha. Today they are mostly dry, victims of a wave of deforestation that has been rolling across Brazil for centuries.

Our story begins in Cachoeira do Norte (“Waterfall of the North”) - named after a waterfall that dried up in the early 2000s. Residents who took part in a RAIN-sponsored trip to an agroforestry system were inspired to reforest their rivers and springs, and maybe one day see the waterfall flowing again. We were inspired to help.

Brazil has no shortage of environmental engineers, agro-ecologists and permaculturists with great ideas waiting to be tested out or scaled up. They simply lack funds.


The First Raindrops

RAIN financed a nursery in Cachoeira in June, and the first seeds were soon germinating. Our agent visited the school in the neighbouring village of Boa Vista, where they soon built their own nursery.

Over 20 schools in different regions of Brazil have already asked us to extend the scheme. With each producing up to 1500 saplings per year, that’s a potential 30,000 trees per year.

Our first spring restoration took place in mid-August. With five more dried-up springs in Cachoeira and tens of thousands more schools and rivers across Brazil, we’re moving forward as fast as funds permit.