The following articles cover aspects of Agroforestry and Carbon Capture

1. The global tree restoration potential

"Restoring the world’s forests on an unprecedented scale is “the best climate change solution available.”

We might not be able to sequest the 205 billion tonnes of carbon as this report suggests (It’s high when compared to previous studies or climate models), but even a quarter of this amount could absorb one sixth of the carbon that’s already in the atmosphere.

2.  Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage: An overview

"It is crucial to have clarity about the value and challenges of each BECCS technology route, and to understand what makes the value chain sustainable. Relevant regional regulations with regard to water, energy and carbon will be required to make sure deployment does not compromise other societal objectives such as the Sustainable Development Goals.”

3. Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration by agroforestry systems in southeastern Brazil

“How growing resistance to this large monoculture effort has prompted consideration of incorporating forestry tree species with agricultural plant combinations."

4. How to plant a trillion trees

A good reference to what we know about best practices, regional variabilities and timescales.

5. Collection of agroforestry research papers

From measurements and biodiversity to policy and socioeconomic factors.

6. A special IPCC report

Covering climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems.

7. Indigenous and Community Response to the above IPCC Special Report

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