Reforesting ancestral lands with the Kaingang tribe

Project lead

Kretã Kaingang

Indigenous leader, activist, tree planter

Manguerinha, Paraná

The Kaingang have been demarcating their territories and the paths between them with the Paraná pine for at least a thousand years.

Over the centuries, they have selected for strains that flower at different times, so now there are pine nuts available for six months of the year....

An Indigenous group in one of the last remaining ancient forests is healing the land with the endangered Paraná pine.




36,000 trees per year

The Paraná pine is sacred to the Kaingang, and a key species for healing degraded land.
Its abundant pine nuts attract animals and birds that regenerate the ecosystem.

Over the last six years, the Kaingang here have grown 7,000 saplings.

With your help, they can do much more.

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