Spring restoration in rural communities in Minas Gerais

Project lead

Wender Guedes

Agricultural consultant, hydrological systems manager

Minas Gerais

This project began in a town called Cachoeira, which means "waterfall" in Portuguese. The waterfall dried up in the 1920s, a victim of the widespread deforestation of the region.

We share our partners' dream to see the waterfall flowing again.

Read more about how rural people are responding to the threats they face by reforesting their water systems...

Reforesting brings springs back to life, and brings life back to the land.




• 1000 trees
• 1 hectare reforested
• spring protected

Deforestation has dried up most of the springs in this area. Reforesting them brings back the water, the plants and the animals.

Locals are producing saplings and protecting springs to reverse this process.

Help the water flow again.

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