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In June 2019, RAIN started building sapling nurseries in rural schools. As well as producing trees, students take biology classes in nurseries.

"In the past, we often found that landowners who can be culturally more closed-minded wouldn't allow us to reforest their land.

When we approach them now, their kids and grandkids taking lessons in the nursery have got there first. They've been talking about the importance of conserving trees and rivers.​ They have already been moved, started to soften. When we approach them, it’s much easier."

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Traditional cultures have been living in harmony with the forest for centuries. The biodiversity in land they managed is often higher than in virgin forest.

RAIN partnerships can help several nations reforest their ancestral lands.

Regenerative Agriculture

Planting trees and crops together produces high organic yields, builds up soil and stores carbon

We provide conventional farmers converting to Agroforestry with materials, training in land management and support through each stage of the process


Springs & Streams

Many springs have dried up in Brazil, but reforesting around them makes the water flow again.


As the streams return, the land can recover along with plant and animal life.

RAIN is turning donations into positive impacts, bringing back springs to land that had dried up years ago

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