Sapling Nurseries


June, 2019

First nursery

  • £500 price tag

  • Built by parents

  • Tended by students

A Russian financed our first nursery (the sign says 'Thanks Dmitry!)


July, 2019

Second nursery

We built another and ran a course in the next door town.

Dona Rosarinha (second left) financed her own nursery.

Within three months she had grown hundreds of saplings, and sold her cows to reforest the riverbank on her land.


October, 2019

Third nursery

Thousands of miles away in Recife on the Northeastern coast, our partners from Pé da Vida built a geodesic nursery at Cândido Duarte school.


The students studied physics and maths as they rigged up the automatic irrigation.

£600 buys a nursery

You can raise this via:

  • a birthday campaign

  • a fundraising event

  • an office collection

  • a gift between friends

Get in touch and we'll send materials to help you run a campaign.

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