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SCHOOLS program

working with students

Young people learning about ecology become ambassadors for nature in their communities. 

British students are fundraising for their peers in Brazil, and everyone is getting their hands dirty.


Partnering with schools means that youngsters become stewards of their landscapes and their futures at the local and global scale.

Reforestation projects develop out of community relationships with the school at the centre.


Reforestation is integrated into community life, as cooperatives, teachers and businesses work together with landowners who are willing to look after the trees.

Twin your school with a school in Brazil

RAIN is working with schools, the Woodland Trust and local government to make it easy for students, teachers and parents to respond to climate change.


To start, you need:

  • A 3m x 5m patch of land at school

  • A parent, teacher or responsible student

  • A working group of students (and sometimes parents)


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