and the


friendships that change the world

Our twinning programme brings together schools in Brazil and the UK to build sapling nurseries.


Students support and mirror each other's efforts to reforest and re-wild their surroundings, and develop their relationship as they see fit.

  • Sapling production

  • Local Reforestation

  • International cooperation and solidarity

  • Environmental Education

  • Forest Gardens

  • A joined up response to climate change

saplings, school and community

Reforestation projects develop out of community relationships with the school at the centre.

Nurseries inspire people to regenerate their surroundings together.


Young people learning about ecology become ambassadors for nature in their communities.

British students are fundraising for their peers in Brazil, and everyone is getting their hands dirty.

RAIN is working with schools, national conservation organisations local councils to make it easy for students, teachers and parents to respond to climate change.


What answers to global

questions would emerge

from a distributed network

of young people?

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